Semezana and Investec Asset Management

Where we have worked:
Investec Asset Management UK
Investec Asset Management US

Areas within the Company:
Client Services
Fund Management
Portfolio Management
Fund Operations
Risk Management

Sample of assignments:
Presentation Skills at all levels
Effective Meetings Contributions
Facilitation Skills
Influencing Skills
Assertiveness Skills
Individual coaching


  • “Been on presentation courses before but this was exceptional – very good” – Senior Manager
  • “Had a negative perception going in. Was completely turned around and really enjoyed it. A lot of value added as doing lots of presenting” – Portfolio Manager
  • “Better than any other presentation skills course I have been on – and that is quite a few!” – Client Services
  • “Thanks very much for the sessions which were really helpful indeed” – Coaching
  • “I think it was probably the most challenging course I have attended and took me completely out of my comfort zone, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a great deal” – Project Manager