We believe that each person is uniquely capable and, correctly developed, can surpass their own and others expectations.

With ever increasing resource and time pressures, people in their business roles are requiring greater skills to meet company targets and motivate themselves and their teams.

We specialise in developing a three dimensional understanding of each team and its players before developing and implementing a carefully sculpted programme to meet their challenges

Development offerings include:

  • Assessing Team Functioning
  • Developing a Team Charter and Communication Plan
  • Team Alignment
  • Team Integration
  • Team Reorganisation
  • Team Motivation
  • Team Renovation
  • Team Thankyou Days
  • Running Virtual Teams
  • Delivering Sensitive News
  • Defining and Aligning Roles and Responsibilities
  • Implementing a Mentorship Approach
  • Innovating in Teams
  • Interfacing with Clients
  • Confronting Appraisals
  • Team Behaviours
  • Sales Force Effectiveness

We have worked with teams of all sizes – teams as small as 3 to teams of over 400, both indoors and outdoors, abroad or at home.

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